This gallery has behind the scene shots while filming the sizzle trailer for Soul to Soul over the Christmas holidays. We shot at many locations   throughout Shreveport, Lousiana. One of my favorite locations was Shreveport Municipal Auditorium where it has a storied history as the home of The Louisiana Hayride which gave rise to many international stars including The King of Rock 'N Roll Elvis Presley.


I met Michael Sieve the writer of this film on the streets in Louisiana while hanging out at a film festival last October. After starting up a conversation about his film, he said they were casting for a young actress who might be able to play guitar. We talked briefly, exchanged contacts and later I received an email from him about the project and asking if she would be interested in submitting an audition tape. Long story short, I did and now I am on this amazing journey, playing a lead role in a film where I can also play music!


Soul To Soul is a film about the life and death of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan as told through the eyes of foul-mouthed, strong-willed Grace Marley, a Texas blues prodigy raised in Austin, who believes herself to be his illegitimate daughter.  When she discovers who her real father is, she comes apart and has to find herself all over again.The film is currently in the development. A sizzle trailer was shot in late December to help move funding forward. Look for more info coming soon!


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